........player exklusiv worn / issued boots


Arjen Robben's Adidas F50 match worn boots. This special made to measure
boots were worn during the season 2010/2011. Both boots are personalized with
"LUKA 22-04-08".
Robben was born in Bedum, a satellite town of Groningen in
north-eastern Netherlands. He took to football from an early age, becoming an
adherent of the Coerver Method. Robben's skill in ball control and technical
footwork madehim a valuable player, and he was quickly signed by regional club
FC Groningen. Here, he developed his distinctive style of cutting inside from the
right onto his left foot to score some quite spectacular goal
s. Robben married his
girlfriend Bernadien Eillert on 9 June 2007 in Groningen. The two met while in
high school in the city, at the Kamerlingh Onnes, and have two sons, Luka born
in 2008 and Kai born 2012 and a daughter, Lynn born in 2010. Robben's father,
Hans, acts as his agent.