........player exklusiv worn / issued boots

Rafael Nadal's Nike
Air Max Breathe Cage issued shoes. This special made to
measure shoes were prepared for Rafael Nadal's Australian Open 2009 day
The 2009 men's tournament is considered to be one of the best Grand
Slam tournaments in open era history. It is
remembered for containing many of
the best matches of the 2009
year, including the Nadal v Verdasco semi final
and the Nadal v
Federer final. It is noteworthy for being the first hard court
Grand Slam in which Nadal made the final or won. ak Djokovic was the
defending champion, but retired due to heat stress trailing two sets to one
in the quarterfinals against Andy Roddick. Rafael Nadal won in the final,
75, 36, 76 (3), 36, 62, against Roger Federer.