........player exklusiv worn / issued boots


Fernando Llorente's Adidas Predator match issued boots. Both boots are made
to measure, signed and personalized with "F.LLORENTE", "LUCIA", "MIKEL" and
"TERESA". This typ of boots Fernando Llorente wore during UEFA Euro 2012.
Llorente started his career with Athletic Bilbao, working his way through the
various youth ranks, and becoming one of the most important offensive players
for the club in the following decade, since making his first team debut in 2005.
He scored 29 goals for the club in all competitions in the 201112 season, and
has been described as a "Bilbao legend". A Spanish international since late 2008,
Llorente helped the national team win the 2010 World Cup. He also represented
the nation at Euro 2012.