........player exklusiv worn / issued boots


Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Nike Superfly match worn boots. Zlatan wore this boots
during the season 2008 with Inter. Both boots are personalized with the names
of his childs "Maximilian", his birth date "22 Sept 2006", "Vincent", his birth date
"6 March 2008" and "Ibrahimovic". Ibrahimović was born in Sweden to a Bosnian
Šefik Ibrahimovic, and a Croatian mother, Jurka Gravić, who emigrated to
Sweden, where  that immigrated to
Sweden in 1977, they first met. Ibrahimović
grew up in Rosengård, a Malmö neigh- bourhood known for its
communities, along with his three sisters and two brothers.
After receiving a pair of football boots, Ibrahimović began playing football at the age of six, alternating
between local junior clubs Malmö BI and FBK Balkan.