........player exklusiv worn / issued boots

Radamel Falcao's Puma match issued boots. Falcao wore this typ of boots during
the season 2012/2013 with Atletico Madrid. Both boots are personalized with his
signatur and a flag of Colombia. In his last three seasons at Atletico and Porto,
Falcao has scored over 100 goals. Falcao had played a key role in Atlético
Madrid's 12 match winning streak in a single Europa League season, becoming
the first team to do so. At the same time, Falcao became the first player in
history to win two consecutive European titles with two different teams while at
the same time becoming the top goal scorer for those two teams. Falcao had
another historical achievement winning his first UEFA Super Cup in 2012, while
becoming the first player in history to score a hat trick in the contest,since its
reform in 1998. Falcao's most noticeable trait aside from his ability to playwell
with both feet and a strong header despite his size, would be his impressive goal
ratio and goal by minute ratio that even exceeds world top players Lionel Messi
and Cristiano Ronaldo.