........player exklusiv worn / issued boots

Sergio Kun AgŁero's Puma match worn boots. With this boots Sergio AgŁero
score the win and the title for Manchester City in the last match, season
2011/2012 again Queens Park Rangers in the 93:20 minutes. Sergio AgŁero:
"In my career so far it's the most important goal. You score the goal in the
last minute to win the title. You're not sure if that's ever going to happen
in your career again. I wish I could tell you how I did it but I can't. I thought
for all the world that Mario [Balotelli] was going to have a go himself but
he just moved it on one more and it fell at my feet and I just thought:
'Hit the target, hit it as hard as you can and hit the target.' And it went in."